Personal, Professional, and Ethical Belief System Essay

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Personal and Professional Ethical Belief System
Farah Nail
University of Phoenix

In the human services field, personal ethical belief systems combined with professional ethics work in partnership to guide human service professionals in unraveling ethical dilemmas. An increasing number of professionals and clients seek out to define the fundamental policies of the human services field. Humans develop an integration of values, standards, and beliefs from birth throughout life. The values, standards, and beliefs developed through life assist in characterizing personal ethical belief systems. Our personal ethical belief system unites with our professional ethics to shape the ethical decision-making process. A code of ethics is essential
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Pro-life supports my beliefs as a Christian. I advocate providing women with education and alternatives to abortion. According to Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Center (2012), “Through the years, Wise Choices, has been able to provide various kinds of help and “counseling” to the women of Wise County and the surrounding areas. We not only help the client, but family or friends of the client, in regards to the situation the client is facing. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of women, one at a time!” As a Christian woman, I think that it is important to help clients who are abortion minded or abortion vulnerable see the opportunities they have to save the life they have created. As an advocate, I ask the client if she would like the opportunity to hear the gospel. If she accepts I can share the love God has for his children including the client and her unborn child. I also have the remarkable chance to ask the client if she wants to accept Jesus as her savior from sins. I explain to my clients willing to accept and hear the gospel that they may ask God to forgive them for their sins. It is also an occasion to talk to my clients about abstinence until marriage. Each of the values listed above guides me to be an advocate for the unborn child who is defenseless in his or her right to life. Often I am met with challenges, such as a woman who is pregnant from rape or incest. It is often hard