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1. I believe that Benjamin Franklin was considered the first Civic Scientist for many reasons. First of all a Civic Scientist is a scientist that is basically just a member of a town. Ben Franklin ran away from his home and off to Philadelphia at age 17. He made a life for himself instead of most of the royalty who is just born into fortune and fame. Also, he invented many different things that have changed the way that we live today. For example, he discovered electricity, which is probably one of the most important discoveries in the whole world. He also invented the lightening rod, which saves many different peoples’ lives. Ben Franklin invented things that people needed; everything he made had a use and was important to everyone. Ben Franklin was probably the first person to make as many differences as this man did and they have really affected the future in a positive way. Before Ben nobody accomplished as much as he did which is why many different people call him the First Civic Scientist.

5. If Ben Franklin was alive in the 21st century I believe that the first thing that he would do would ask why we haven’t discovered how to fly yet, or many other different questions. However, if Ben Franklin saw the Internet, I believe that he would have many different things to say. Firstly, I believe that he would suggest making some changes with it and trying to do them himself. Since Ben Franklin invented many different things I also believe that the Internet would give him different ideas for new inventions as well as improving the current Internet we have now. Also, without Ben Franklin there would be no such thing as the