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Bessie Coleman, a woman that broke barriers. During her lifetime being a African American, women she had to face all kids of discrimination against her. Being born in the early 1890´s a time when times were changing, but the pace of such changes wasn´t enough as she had to face racial and sexist discrimination. Keeping her grounded from her dreams that lifted her to the skies. Bessie Coleman was strong, even with racial bigotry and a bias to her gender she didn´t give up on her dreams. Being denied of her dreams in the U.S, she looked on through Europe to fulfill her dreams. She didn´t give up when denied of her dreams and desires, she saw out elsewhere till she fulfilled her dream. Through her actions she became a symbol of strength and equality to African Americans and Woman. Bessie Coleman was the first American Aviator. She was born January 26, 1982 in Atlantic City. She passed away May 1, 1962 in Jacksonville, Florida. Her parents were George and Susan Coleman both being illiterate children slaves. At two years old her family moved to Waxahachie Texas and introduced to the family two more daughters. Her father would never come back, now Bessie was put responsible for her two sisters because her two older brothers and mother left to work. Bessie Coleman made a lot of memorable contributions to history. She broke through the sexist idea that woman couldn´t do man jobs becoming a pilot. Another barrier she overcame was racial discrimination, Bessie