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Annotated Bibliography
Teen Pregnancy. (2009). Encyclopedia of Gender & Society. Retrieved from This encyclopedia article goes into detail about teen pregnancy. They review the history, health, consequences, and welfare policy. Teenage pregnancy has come into fact within the U.S. before 1950. Of course the number of teen pregnancy has decreased since then. Pregnant teens end up dropping out of school, loosing contact with their friends, and have low paying jobs that will barely take care of their child.

Teen Pregnancy Options. (2014). Teen Help .com. Retrieved from The article explain in detail what the teens options are if they were to become pregnant. Not everyone will choose the answer most would like. There options are to keep the child, put him or her up for adoption, or aboard the child. There are many are a few different ways teens can have an abortion done. She can either have a shot, pill, or have the baby surgically removed depending on the patient and her situation. Adoption is when the teen will carry the baby and give their child to a set of parents who can provide for the child. Keep the child can make the teen have a harder but rewarding life. They state the importance of the teens decision and for them be sure this decision is the right option.

Teen Abortion Fact. (2013). Living Strong .Com. Retrieved from Teen abortions are more than likely to happen so the teen and parents can go back to their normal lives without the unplanned child. Of course this to most of us is a sad situation, but it seems to happen every day rather we are for it or not. This is an exceptional website that goes into detail about teenagers having sex at an early age, statistics of abortion, laws, and reasons why they take place.
Teen Mothers and Adoptions. (2014). Adoption . org. Retrieved from This site will review why it is important for teens to possibly choose adoption for their unplanned pregnancy. How it is a gift to others who cannot have to children to give them their unplanned child. Even though they may be unplanned they could be a gift to someone else. Adoptive parents have the funds to properly care for the child unlike a teen who is in the middle of finishing school. Still letting the teen know it is their option to either have the child or not.

The Truth about Teenage Parents. (April 2010). EBSCO, 44(2), , 14. Retrieved from