Bicycle and Cars Essay

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Biking V.S. Driving Cars
Following the development of science and technology, more and more households have cars. Many people use cars to replace the original modes of transportation; more and more people do not use bicycles to ride instead of walking, but use cars even if the journey is not far away. Cars are more convenient then bicycles; however, cars are not only good. There are some contrast between cars and bicycles from economy, environment and health.

First, in financial terms, biking is more economical then driving cars. “In a general way, the cost of buying a simple bicycle is between $10~$100 in the Chinese market, and the cost of buying a simple car is between $4,000~$20,000” (Taobao, 2013). That just is the expense for buying. After that, cars also need to be paid for fuel charges, maintenance and repairs. So, according this information, buying bicycles is more worth.

Second, biking is more environmentally friendly then driving cars. That cars can run fast and load heavily is the existence of powerful energy---gas. After gas is burned, it will become the air pollutant, for instance, carbon monoxide, oxynitride, hydrocarbon and lead. This air pollutant can aggravate the greenhouse effect, destroy the ozone sphere, came acid rain, make serious injuries about respiratory system, and even be carcinogenic. Bicycles only need to get energy from humans.

Influence and physical health from biking and driving cars are the third point. Bicycles are one of