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Bio Chemist

Education/ Training: For basic jobs in biochemistry, applicants often need a bachelor's degree, most commonly, a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or a similar degree in the life sciences or biotechnology. Some employers request laboratory work experience. A research-based master's degree, like the Master of Science in Biochemistry, can also lead to a variety of biochemistry positions. Biochemists at this level usually work under the supervision of a senior scientist.

Responsibilities/Daily Activities: As a biochemist you would investigate the chemical processes that take place inside all living things from viruses and bacteria to people. Your role and duties as a biochemist would vary depending on the industry you worked in. For example:
In the pharmaceutical, food or brewing industries, your work could include: developing new products monitoring production quality control checking the safety of existing products.
In a hospital, public health laboratory or research institute, you would be involved in: carrying out tests on blood and other bodily fluids researching the causes of disease exploring new methods of treatment.
In agriculture and the environment, you could work with water authorities, seed companies or local and central government. Your main duties could include: genetically engineering plants to create pest-resistant crops improving the quantity of crops developing and extending the shelf life of produce monitoring the effects