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Middle Eastern History
AnnaKatherine Clarke
September 24, 2014

Sharif Hissein Bin Ali

He was King of the Arabs and was the last of the Hashemite Sharfians. He is best known for launching the Great Arab Revolt in June of 1916. When he fired the first symbolic shot from his palace towards Mecca. A step towards the Arab revolt. This was significant because it was started the Arab revolute against the Ottoman empire.

T. E. Lawrence

T.E. Lawrence was born in 1888, as an illegitimate son. As a child he visited the Middle East and decided to become and archaeologist. Then from 1910-1914 he returned and began an excavation in northern Syria. Where he fell in love with all things Arab. After that he returned home. He was then assigned to Cairo where he became familiar with Turkish customs. In 1917 he became involved and join the Arab fighters as they attempted to strike the Turks. After that he returned to England and refused to accept medals from the King.

Theodor Herzl

Herzl was a founder of Zionism and wrote a pamphlet called The Jewish State. He was a forerunner for the foundation of Israel as a nation. He also organized a congress or Zionist to meet in 1897 and was the first president of the World Zionist Organization.

Chaim Weizmann

Weizmann was the first president of Israel. Born in Russia he received a Jewish/secular education. In 1904 he immigrated to the UK where he became a research chemist. In 1917 the British government expressed sympathy for Zionistic aims in Palestine. Weizmann then became the first president of Israel.

Haj Amin al-Husseini

Husseini was a Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader. In 1941 he fled to Germany to meet with Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and other Nazi leaders. His goal was to persuade them to extend the Nazi anti-Jewish program to the Arab world. Hitler however refused. Thus ending their relationship.

David Ben-Gurion

Ben-Gurion was born in 1886 and was a Zionist statesmen and