Biological Criminal Behavior Essay

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Biological Criminal Behavior
Jordan Miller, Amy Showers, Sarah Wilson, Myron Reynolds, Cristine Saldate, Aisha Peeples
CJA 314
May 14, 2012
Alonzo Medina

Biological Criminal Behavior
People perceive that crime, primarily violent crimes, such as murder, is the most serious crime society faces in modern times. This has led to efforts by many research groups to attempt to find the cause of such criminal behavior. The focus of such research is biological issues with the belief that a biological basis in criminals does exist and that understanding biology is useful when attempting to predict the individuals who may be predisposed to criminal activity in the future. Research in the 1960s suggested that males with an extra Y chromosome
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She drowned the three youngest boys one after another, beginning with Paul, subsequently placing them on her bed and covering them under the bed sheet. She drowned her youngest child next, her only daughter, Mary, and left her floating in the tub. Her first born child, seven-year-old Noah, was the last child alive. After seeing his sister, Mary, floating in the bathtub, he asked his mom if something wrong with her. When he received no answer, he turned and ran, according Andreas testimony. Andrea ran after Noah and caught him in the hallway. He kicked and screamed as she dragged him down the hall into the bathroom, where she forced him into the tub next to his one-year-old sisters floating dead body. Noah fought desperately and managed to come up for air two times before Andrea finally managed to hold him under water causing his death. She left his body floating in the bathtub and took Mary’s body to the bed in which her three other brothers’ lye dead and wrapped her in their arms (True crime and justice, 2012).
Society was shocked that a mother of five would commit such a crime. According to Andreas’ testimony after drowning the children she called 911 and requested that the police come to her home because she had murdered her children. After calling the police, Andrea contacted her husband at work and told him what she had done and asked him to come home Previous