Essay on Biopsychosocial Case Study

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Biopsychosocial Case Study Case studies are an important part of clinical psychology. One can learn about the biological, psychological, and social factors involved by studying patients with certain disorders or illnesses. The case study of Christina Ricci and Karen Carpenter are extraordinary and this analysis will give a brief overview of their case as well as discuss the biological, psychological, and social factors involved. This analysis will also explain the need for adaptation in the field of clinical psychology. Overview of Christina Ricci and Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter and Christina Ricci were both diagnosed with anorexia nervosa a psychological disorder. While both women suffered from anorexia nervosa the …show more content…
Christina Ricci unlike Karen Carpenter was an anorectic who believed she learned how to become an anorectic by watching movies on Lifetime that dealt with anorexia nervosa. Christina’s anorexia ended in her late 20s and now she is an advocate for speaking out against anorexia. Christina Ricci still gets cast into roles that are dark or more disturbed, but Ricci admits that she enjoys staying at home versus the Hollywood nightlife. The biological factors for both cases are clear; both were obese or slightly overweight children which lead to both women feeling self conscious. The psychological damage done by both sets of families is clear and this clearly pushed both the women into taking extreme measures to be thin. The social factors are the hardest because not only did both women have to deal with their friends and family, but also the public and the public’s opinion of the women. Clearly these three factors are the reason both women were treated and diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.
The Need for Adaptation in the Field of Clinical Psychology

There is a need for adaptation in the field of clinical psychology for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that the field of clinical psychology is ever changing. As psychologists continue to conduct case studies the need to change therapy or types of therapy will cause therapists and doctors to have to adapt to his or her