Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder is very serious constant roller coaster of depressing lows and elevated highs. Both lows and highs are extreme. Vincent Van Gogh was thought to have bipolar disorder. He suffered from episodes of depression that took weeks to come out of, at one low point he cut off his own ear. In his moments of extreme elation he was known to make amazing artwork and be an evangelist. Bipolar disorder is lifelong there is not a cure but there are ways to manage. Meditation has proved to be helpful; but it is more than that you must be committed to helping yourself. Stay in communication with doctors who can prescribe medication to manage the mood swings, and making sure to educate yourself with the disorder. During an extreme low a person with Bipolar Disorder is depressed, confused and very irrational. This would make them more likely at a higher risk to commit suicide. Postpartum Depression like Bipolar Disorder is very serious and difficult to handle. It could be brought on by change. Change in hormones or routine or just the change that there is someone absolutely dependent upon you. It could also be caused by stress and earlier state of depression or lack of support from a partner. Like any other form of depression it is very serious and the person should not be left alone, for they as well could become irrational and cause themselves or the baby harm. Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable. When you are depressed no matter