Birth Control Persuasive Speech

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eports that the birth control pill “was a major medical achievement that rewrote the future of women and family life. For the first time in history, it became possible for a woman to safely and effectively control childbearing by taking a pill (4).

Although the pill was a wonderful success, it wasn’t long before health officials raised concerns about serious side affects. Fears of blood clots, heart attack, and stroke, caused exhaustive research on oral contraceptives in the 60’s and 70’s. The health risks are not as large due to the low-dose birth control pills on the market today (Snider 5).

The birth control pill does not only prevent pregnancies, but it also helps control some diseases and other medical problems. Many women that have an irregular menstrual cycle take the pill to keep their cycle normal. The pill has also proven to help women who have endometriosis.
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Wade to legalized abortion. Since there has been health scares about the pill abortion has seem to become the other alternative to contraception. Some teenagers and women abuse abortion as a form of birth control. Many women have used abortions as a drastic form of contraception, due to carelessness or ignorance of better methods.

In 1981, the virus acquired immune deficiency syndrome, better known as A.I.D.S. was identified. This virus weakens and breaks down the body’s immune system making it almost impossible to fight off other viruses, infections and diseases. A.I.D.S. usually is caught by unprotected sex or drug use. The birth control pill will prevent a woman from conceiving; however the pill will not protect a woman from the A.I.D.S. virus. According to Jean Lawrence of the U.S. Center for Disease control and Prevention:

“Women whose partners use condoms to prevent A.I.D.S.