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It is a student’s right to be able to transfer schools. Students should be able to transfer schools if schools score below a certain level on standardized tests. Schools shouldn’t be able to hold students back from their full potential. It only is fair to let students achieve all they are able to achieve. There is no problem with letting students become smarter and there should not be any opposing side to this new law. While opponents argue that this law is impractical- what would happen if all the students requested transfers?- if the whole student body falls below a certain level, the school doesn’t deserve to be in existence. It is the student’s right to transfer to a new school if the schools isn’t fulfilling its duties. It is unfair to trap children who are on a higher level than the school itself. The only person facing consequences, is the exceeding student. Holding students back for the benefit doesn’t sound morally correct under any circumstances. By transferring to a different school, students have the opportunity to find a place where they'll be happier. If a person truly dislikes where they're studying, he or she should seriously consider if transferring is the right choice. The chances are that students will do better in schools that they want to be at. For students who may have had academic or disciplinary problems at school, transferring could be a way for them to get a fresh start. They won't have to worry about administrators or professors who already