Blackberry Brand Audit Essay

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 Introduction……….  History………  Brand Inventory………  Brand Exploratory………  Gap Analysis………  Recommendations………  Conclusion………  Bibliography……… 

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Shakespeare said – „What‟s in a name?‟ Everything..!! BlackBerry – an exotic looking fruit with wine like taste. How did that fruit become associated with terms like business, emails, internet on go? How did BlackBerry – which has become a sort of cult, have its fruity name from? One would think that probably the CEO, Mike Lazaridis or somebody influential from RIM was partial to the seedy fruit. Which “surprise” “surprise” isn‟t True. It‟s got a more logical origin to it. In 2001, RIM
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Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube BlackBerry messenger More functionalities of a regular phone than originally App world Easy availability


FAMILY BlackBerry Curve

MODEL 8500 8900 3G 9360 9000 9650 9700 9780 9900 9810 9820 9850 9860 9670 9100 9630 9520

BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry Style BlackBerry Pearl BlackBerry Tour BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Curve Master your Everyday

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BlackBerry Curve with its improved browsing, quick attachment screening, fast downloading, in-built GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, instant social networking, long-lasting battery, push mail, BBM and loads and loads of application intends to help the user master their everyday, doing all the tasks in the most simplistic manner. Every day is going to be new and exciting and full of thrill not knowing what hit it.

BlackBerry Bold Do more- faster

Bold is the slimmer and sleeker devices supposedly the fastest of Blackberries. Multiple connectivity option right from Wi-Fi to GPS to Bluetooth have been made available with the trackpad replacing the trackball for the ease of use. The battery stays for longer. It also supports 3G for faster browsing, and hence the tag line.

BlackBerry Torch Act on Inspiration To enhance the user experience, BlackBerry has combined their famous QWERTY keypad with a large sensitive touch screen. With a pinch of finger, the screen can be zoomed