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Yuying Xie (Yvonne)
Informative Speech
Formal Outline
Red Wine
How many of you are over 21? How many of you drank alcohol when you turned 21? Since I turned 21, which is the legal age of drinking alcohol, I started drinking red wine every day, and it makes me feel so good and relax! So today, I am going to talk about the red wine. There are three main points in my speech. First, I am going to talk about the history of red wine. Second, I am going to introduce the types of red wine. Finally, I am going to inform the effects of drinking red wine.
Okay, first of all, let's talk about the history of the red wine. Based on the book, Inventing Wine, which recorded about eight thousand years history of red wine, Paul Lukacs, the author states that the history of red wine can be tracked back to 6000 BC. There is an evidence shows that the earliest red wine was produced by using the fermentation process in Georgia and Iran. We can look at the map here, Georgia and Iran are somewhere between Europe and Asia (). At that time, people didn't call the red wine as "red wine", and they called that as fermented juice because of the fermentation process. Also, there is another evidence showed that a fermented drink based on grapes in China. Later on, this fermented drink became essential and main aspects in Greek, and it became the most popular drink in the world. Look at this picture; it is one of the attachments from the book Inventing Wine. In this picture, it shows the scenario of a wine boy at a Greek symposium in 6000 BC. According the, the symposium is a drinking party in Ancient Greek. That is a significant evidence to show that the red wine occurred in 6000 BC, 8000 years ago.
Right now, we know the general history of red wine. Next, I am going to introduce the main types of red wine. Look at the chart right here. There are few types of red wines, which are made by different types of grapes. The first one right here is the Syrah, which is grown in California, Australia, and France. The best food to match with this type of wine is meat, such as beef, steak, chicken, and so on. The next one is Merlot. It comes from Italy and Romania. You can drink this red wine with any food or any snack. Then, we have Cabernet sauvignon, which can pair with red meat, is found in Germany. Also, Malbec is one of the most popular one. It can pair with all types of meat, no matter is beef, chicken, or other else, and the district of this type of grape is France or Bordeaux region. The Bordeaux region is right here. Then, the next one is Pinot noir, which can pair with grilled salmon or lamb, is found in Austria and France. Zinfadal, this type of grape can grow only in California, and the paring food of this one is pasta or pizza. Finally, the last two are Sangiovese and Barbera, both of them are found in Italy and California. Here is the picture for Sangiovese, this type of red wine can pair with some Italian food; and this one is Barbera, which can pair with tomato sauces (). All of these information comes from a red wine website called French Scout. All of these different types of red wine have different taste. Based on my personal taste, I love Merlot the most