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Liliani Tangredi
Vicki Kennedy
Enc 1101
4 September 2014
Blank Page, My Biggest Fear
Writers around the world face many issues while writing an essay, a book or just a sentence. One of my biggest issues, while writing an essay, is to face a blank page. For instance, many thoughts can come up to my mind that could frighten, excite, or discourage me.
What frightens me is to not have enough ideas, or information to talk about to the readers. I also worry about becoming distracted during the writing process. I’m concerned how to form my opinions to express my point of view. It terrifies me to not know if I’m using reliable resources. In addition, with social media being easily assessable I can to lose focus and distract myself.
However, not everything seems bad when it comes to having a blank page. Some exciting aspects of a blank page, are creating my own topics and my own points of view if the assignment permits it. I can also be detailed with the information I want to convey in my writing. Also decide the content and my target audience.
I can become discouraged when I have too many ideas and I am unable to tie everything together. Even though so many ideas come to my mind I keep getting more and more confused. For example, I may ask myself, “Am I using the right information to get my point across?” “Is it clear enough for my readers to understand what I’m trying to express?”
Most writers have a difficulty facing a blank page in front of them. Knowing how to express