Bob Marley Essay

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Bob Marley Essay
Anthropology 210

Bob Marley is known globally for being the symbol of Rastafarianism music. His life story led him to be the idol he is today for so many people. How is it that one name can stick with a music genre for all these years like his name has stuck with Rasta and reggae? It has stuck because without Bob Marley’s dedication and talent, Rasta would be nothing but a blip in history already forgotten. Bob Marley’s name will always be remembered for all the his hardships he conquered and great memories he was able to experience through his youth, his astonishing successful career and his ever lasting legacy.

Bob Marley’s youth was unlike any others, filled with violence and poverty. His mother, Cedalla Booker, was eighteen years old when Bob was born In St. Ann Parish, Jamaica on February 6, 1945. His father, Norval Sinclair Marley, was a fifty-year-old English Captain that was stationed in Jamaica and that is how the two met. Times were hard for Bob and his family. When they moved to Kingston, Jamaica, they lived in a Shantytown. They were poor and had to deal with several struggles surviving, not to mention lots of abuse from Bob’s father and people in the community. Bob went to school and than he spent time working as a welder, all the while he enjoyed singing. He always kept his love of music in the back burner hopeful that one day he would be able to show the world his passion. (Dalrymple).

There are several reasons why Bob Marley was a successful musical artist was because from the beginning of his childhood he was passionate about music and was a natural born talented singer. He started his musical journey with childhood friend, Neville O’Reily Livingston. From there, the two decided to form a band with some of their other friends. A local music recorder heard Bob Marley’s voice and decided she wanted him be heard. This is where his band, The Wailers, originated. They became popular really fast. In 1972 they got a big break by