Bomb Shelter: A Short Story

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Bomb Shelter
The day started like any other Sunday. Wake up, go to church, and then an afternoon gathering with close friends. Today everyone will assemble at my place for food and drinks, we usually all just sit around and catch up, laugh about our crazy weeks and how we were getting ready to go into the week ahead. This Sunday, though my high school friend, Holly who has recently retired, will be joining us for dinner. Holly, who I have not talked to in forever, because of her work in planet Pteria. I made sure to cook her favorite meal of all time, baked salmon, grilled asparagus, and poached potatoes.
I patiently waited on my best bud, Martha, who is usually the first to show up, never late to anything. She always helps me prepare dinner
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“Well she is a very old friend of mine from high school, she’s been away for five years studying Acirema”, I replied. “Oh wow sounds fascinated, I cannot wait to meet her and hear about her research and maybe she’ll have some predictions about the final events of Acirema” said Martha excitedly. I replied, “Yea, Holly told me she had lots she wanted to tell about the research she has done.” We continued talking while we prepared dinner. I then remembered Frank, the mechanic had asked for a glass water, right before Martha came over. I fixed the glass of water and took it into the bomb shelter, where Frank was fixing the air conditioning unit. I apologized for the wait and headed back to the kitchen to check on the food. The food was coming along just right. As we waited for the others to arrive I decided to listen to some music to pass the time. Soon after each person arrived one by one and finally all eight of my friends were sitting at my dining room table, laughing, listening to the radio, and chatting away having a good time. Everyone enjoying their time together. As we sit, the radio starts to play an old love song. Excitedly Chester jumps up from his