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Dear Melody, This week, I finished the last chapters of the book The Absolutely True Diary of a
Part-Time Indian. In this last section, Junior talked about how his life and other white people are different. He also talked about how impotant friendship is to him. These chapters. It wasn't hard for me to understand what Junior tried to say but it was more challenges on finding out the definition of new terms. In chapter 26th, it is important for the (no longer existing) friendship of Rowdy and Junior. At this point Junior draws hope from the e-mail because this is the first time
Rowdy has “talked“ to Junior since he left the rez. The email is not very friendly neither from Rowdy nor from Junior. Anyway this semms to be like a new beginning from Junior’s point of view. This seems like a unsolvable issue to Junior. It must hurt Rowdy a lot when he knew that his best friend moving to another school. That's why Rowdy is still mad at Junior and doesn't want to talk to him. In my opinion, I think Junior should find a chance to talk to Rowdy straight up in person. He also can ask his other friends who know Rowdy well to tell him the reasons why Junior moved to another school. At least, outsiders are easier to talk to the person than the insiders. The chapter “Because Russian Guys Are Not Always Geniuses” is about Junior, a
14-year-old Indian boy who has already to 42 funerals. His grandma and dad’s best friend have died and most of the 42 funerals were because of alcohol. He went to school where his teacher tells him that his sister is dead and he worried about his father coming by car through a snowstorm. It is a terrible detail about Junior's life. It was too much for a 14 years old kid who joined 42 funerals. If Junior lived in the accient period in
Aisa, people would think that he was ominous to people. They would kill him because they thought that it would makes Gods happier. I don't know why Junior's dad let him attended his friends' funerals. Why was that important to his dad? Junior didn't need to see that kind of thing usually. Chapter 30 tells the story of how important friendship is. Rowdy came back to
Junior and told him something that made him cry. Junior sat in his room alone and