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TITLE: 37 Things I Love (In No Particular Order)
AUTHOR: Kekla Magoon
PUBLICATION INFORMATION: Henry Holt & Co., 2012 216 pages
READING LEVEL: 9 (Flesch) INTREST LEVEL: 8th-10th Grades

AWARDS & HONORS: I searched,,,, and but could not find any awards or honors for this book.

SYNOPSIS: Ellis has four days left of her sophomore year, and she can’t wait for it to be summer. But almost every night, Ellis has nightmares, about her dad’s accident that had put him into a coma for almost two years. Her mom is a radio host, and she works during the night, so her neighbor, Mrs. Scottie, comes over and stays with her. She doesn’t think she needs a babysitter, but her mom does. There’s only one person who Ellis can talk to, and that’s her dad. She knows he can hear her, and will come back to her someday. Her mom thinks it’s time to let him go, but Ellis doesn’t agree.
Ellis’s best friend is Abby Duncan, they have been best friends forever. They used to also be best friends with Cara Hortan, but Abby told Ellis that she is not allowed to talk to her anymore. Then one day at a party, Abby was getting drunk, and Ellis got mad and started talking to Cara and they started to get close again.
Then on the last day of school, Ellis goes to see her dad, and he’s dead. She thinks her mom shut him off without consulting her. But finds out he had a heart attack. She goes home and tells Cara to come over and also Abby she said she’s tired of them fighting. She wants to be friends with both of them. So for the sake of Ellis they try to get along.