Tuesday With Morrie Essay

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Adelina Elizalde
Mrs. Shenach Cameron
English 109

Compare and Contrast Tuesday with Morrie, is a life changing because it teaches a about life and death, this culture and money. This book has helped me see life in a different way. When I watch the movie I found so many differences between the book and the movie because there were a lot of things that were in movie but not in the book and other things that were in the book but not in the movie. The movie is different from the movie so much because they took out a lot of things and added new ones.
The one thing I noticed was that in the movie Morrie looses his legs so fast when he backing up his car in the parking lot and also in the book it stars with Mitch graduation. In the book he Morrie also goes to teach his last semester in the university and he also tell his students that he might not be able to finish the course because of his disease. Morrie also goes to see doctors with his wife charlotte to see what was going with him and the movie they don’t. In the book Mitch uses the same excuse as in the movie about loosing his key in the car and that why it took him so long to come out. Mitch finds out about his old professor disease the same way as in the book and the movie by flipping through the channels on the TV. He also uses a taper recorded to record Morrie discussions as well in the book and in the movie this helps Mitch learn and become a better person because he listing to the tape recorders. The book and the movie express how much Morrie loved to dance and how disappointment Morrie was when he could no longer swim, and most importantly dance, when he use to go this place called “Dance Free” to dance tango his favorite, in the movie shows that the “dance free” closes down but not in the book.
The book and the movie shows that Mitch brings food to Morrie every Tuesday he came to visit him because he knows how Morrie used to love to eat back when he was a professor and Mitch his student. The other thing is that in the movie Mitch adds fear to list and in the book it already has it. Morrie funeral takes place on a Tuesday under a tree in a hill just like the book. I think this happen like this so that Mitch can come back to Morrie grave in a Tuesday and talk about life and Morrie will listen just like the classes Mitch took in college with Morrie that took place in a Tuesday, Tuesday is important in the book and in the movie because the story took place in a Tuesday like Morrie said “ we are Tuesday People”. The other thing I notice is that in the movie Mitch and Morrie went to get ice cream and walk around town to show Mitch Where he used to dance. In the movie Morrie talks about when his father took him to the factory to get a job and that’s how Morrie fiends out he had asthma. This is when he said that he does not want to have a job that uses people, he rather be a teacher than a lawyer or a doctor because this jobs used the people hard work. He also said that his father helped him with choice because he took him to the factory and Morrie saw how the people were working when he was a little boy. There was also so much focusing on Mitch relationship with Janine because in the book there not that much attention with Janine career because in the book
Mitch does not talk about so much, in the movie Mitch and Janine are going out and they break up and in the book they are marry, this happen this way because they want to show how Morrie helps Mitch grow up and take his relationship to the next level. Mitch newspaper company does not go on strike like how is the book, in the film Mitch get fired because he want to take time off to go see Morrie in Boston. In the book Mitch was not present in Morrie “Living Funeral” he only talked about it, but in the movie Mitch was able to see the ending of the “Living…