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Olivia O’Connor
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eBooks vs. Paper Most people think eBooks are more efficient than normal paper books. They never look at all the effects that an eBook has and what books have to offer. Although books don’t have high quality gadgets, you’re still reading! The many differences between eBooks and paper books is a very wide area. The legibility, look, feel, speed, carrying, ease, cost, and Durability all contribute to which is better. eBooks might use “eInk,” LCD/LED screens, or external monitors. “eText” can be resized for better legibility. Some screens are back­lit and/or can display small text quite clearly.
Books usually do not suffer from the glare issues many electronic devices or computer screens can present. Books can be read comfortably in a various lighting/settings. Text size/clarity varies in many ways. eBook readers can look “hi­tech,” sleek and thin. Book viewing software (apps) appear in a variety of styles and can display book covers or lists of eBook titles. eBook readers are made of plastic and metal whereas eBook software has no “feel” because it’s in the computer. eBooks weigh nothing at all because they are files. Books, of course, come in all shapes and sizes, some with photos or illustrations, silky pages, or fancy covers. In a bookcase or on a shelf, books can often look rather appealing if not elegant.Books, made of paper (natural or recycled), weigh differently. Some are hardcover, others soft. The texture of paper appeals to many readers. Some pages feel smooth or coarse.


Many eBooks can be retrieved relatively quickly (as compared to ordering books and waiting for delivery). Some eBook readers load books and turn pages slowly. Carrying eBook readers (or computers with eBook software) can carry dozens to hundreds of eBooks. Some students might prefer eBooks to regular textbooks (if available). Books are ready the moment you pick them up, unlike many eReaders or computers. Real pages can be flipped / skimmed / bookmarked fast, and you can work easily with many books at once. Books, being substantial, are bulky, can take up quite a bit of space and can be quite heavy to carry several at a time, especially for students carrying textbooks in backpacks or book bags. eBook readers and software (apps) can require some basic computer experience. Each eBook reader works differently and must be installed and learned. Many eBooks cannot be shared due to licensing restrictions and “Digital Rights.” Cost For general consumers, many eBooks can be very cheap or expensive.…