Born Worker Short Story

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Recently I have read a short story called "Born Worker". In this story the main characters are two cousins by the names of Jose and Arnie. Both are mexican-americans but are completely different in some pretty obvious ways.
They say that Jose was born with a ring of dirt around his neck, with grime under his fingernails, and skin calloused from the grainy twist of a shovel. Jose's, his father, and his mother all are hard workers and are just able to live from paycheck to paycheck. When Arnie comes up with the idea to start a company to get a bit of cash, Jose is stuck as the laborer of to two-some.
Arnie on the other hand is the opposite of his cousin. Arnie was born into the trap of the middle-class. His parents both had good jobs in offices, and had enough
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One job that Arnie finds is for an elderly man named Mr. Clemans. Mr.Clemans wants his pool to be scraped and cleaned of all the junk that's inside of it, but when two people show up to his house, Mr. Clemans is confused, him and Arnie only talked about one person working. Finally Jose started work on the pool and Arnie sits near by talking to Jose, who is just ignoring his cousin. After a while, Mr.Clemans comes back outside and drops his hearing-aid into the pool and tries to get it, when he is in the pool and fishes out his hearing-aid, he slips and hits his head. Jose tries to help him, but Arnie leaves saying, “Why should we get involved? It’s his fault.”
Jose helps Mr. Clemans and calls 911 and they help Mr.Clemans. Jose and Arnie leave and the story ends. One thing can be learned from these last few paragraphs of the story, we learn that in a fight or flight situation, Arnie will most likely choose flight while his cousin will choose fight. Making Jose even more of a born worker than when the story