Bosnian War Essay

Words: 1920
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The Bosnian War was an international arms conflict that involved 2 main sides, the Republika Srpska, and Herzeg-Bosnia. The Republika Srpska would show very little sympathy towards the Non-Serb population of cities they would occupy. 1995 of the Bosnian War reached its most violent climax, Bosnian Serb Forces in occupied Srebrenica began an ethnic cleansing of the Non-Serb population, and massacred more than 8000 people. Many generals and other people of high class within the Republika Srpska were tried for their actions, but none confessed and denied everything, this is what makes the following person so significant. Dragan Obrenovic, who was the only person who admit guilt for the Genocide and it taking place. The accused, Dragan …show more content…
This was taken into consideration when decided his sentence however because mitigating factors outweighed the aggravating factors it was not taken as seriously as it should have been. Murder should normally be minimum 25 years, organizing and authorizing the execution of over 6000 muslim boys is more than murder, this is when it is called Genocide. If Genocide is an aggravating circumstance how is it that it something as severe as Genocide can be outweighed by mitigating circumstances that only come from the character himself, meaning things like remorse and cooperation with persecution. The second part of the Aggravating Circumstances, states, B. Vulnerability of victims and depravity of the crimes : The Prosecution submits that depravity of the crimes and vulnerability of the victims are factors that the Trial Chamber should find to be aggravating factors. The victims were helpless women, children and elderly, as well as captured military age men, who were in a vulnerable position and were subjected to extreme depravity. This is basically describing who was killed during the Genocide, which included innocent men, women, children and elderly. This is supposed to be an aggravating circumstance, it is supposed to increase the sentence, the sentence of 17 years which does not agree with the Statute that was used in this trial. The statute states in Article 24 in 2. that in imposing the sentences, the Trial Chambers should take