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“The Boston Massacre”

My report is about the Boston Massacre. Let me start of by telling you a little bit about what led up to the Boston Massacre .The Townshend act was a series of laws passed in the beginning of 1767 by the parliament Great Britain relating to the British Colonies. The purpose of the Townshend acts was supposed to raise revenue to help pay the cost of maintaining an army in North America. When they changed the purpose, its purpose was to raise money in the colonies to pay the salaries of the judges and governors so that they would be free of colonial rule. The Revenue act represented the Chatham ministry’s new approach for generating tax revenue in the American colonies after the cancellation of the Stamp Act in 1776. The colonists were very upset with all the new taxes, so they started to give the British army a hard time about all the new taxes. The colonists were beginning to get so upset they moved in the British army. The military that was in Boston that lead to the Boston Massacre was result of the British enforcement of the Townshend. 4,000 troops went to Boston in October of 1768 assuming that Boston’s population was only about 20,000 people at a time.
The Boston Massacre happened on March 5, 1770. It all started when Captain Lieutenant, John Goldfinch was called out by a young wig maker named Edward Gerrish that he had not paid his master bills. Also, a few boys were throwing rocks, snowballs and calling the soldiers names like lobster backs and bloody backs. The colonists thought they couldn’t get hurt because they thought the government could only tell them to fire. This made the soldiers angry. As the colonists grew nearer, then they fired. Captain Thomas Peterson heard the shots and came running out of the building. He told them to stop firing and eventually they did.
During the Boston Massacre, someone began ringing the bell which usually meant that there was a fire. Also during the Boston Massacre, 50 citizens attacked a British officer named Captain Thomas Preston. Captain Thomas Preston called in additional soldiers and they were also attacked by the British.
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