Boys and girls Essay

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I can and will do it if only I wanted to... What can be said is said. Lah lag lab Alhambra Kay alba wndjfnfhfjb jdjdd jdjdd jdjdd jdjdd jfjfjf The story begins on a fox farm outside of jubilee. In this time women were not as important as men were. The girl does not have a name which symbolizes the lack of is identity. Compared to her younger brother, laird which also means "lord". This shows how the boy is characterized as higher than the girl. The father owns a fox farm. He raised foxes and when their fur is prime, he skinned them and sold there pelts. The girl lived to work for her father, she loved helping him work outside with the foxes. "My father did not all to me unless it was about the job we were doing.... Nevertheless I worked willingly under his eyes, and with a feeling of pride." Therefore, she began to dread working in the kitchen with her mother, and she lost respect for her mother, because of her less important position in the household. We describing her mothers house work it was "endless" compared to her fathers work outside, which was "ritualistically important." This anger for the society's female responsibilities symbolizes the storytellers yearning to be more than "just a girl". All she wanted to do is help her father with the farm but she realizes he society views her when her father introduces her to a salesman, as his " new hired hand" she's was happy to hear him say that until the salesman replied "I thought she was only a girl". Even her