Brain and Bilateral Transfer Essay

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Star Tracing:
November 22nd, 2012
The purpose of this research project was to test the nervous system of bilateral transfer in motor skills and task performance. The project was aimed to test if practicing on both sides of the body will transfer to the other side of the body, therefore increasing motor skill learning.
The exercise science variables that were being tested in this research project were the nervous system as well as motor practice. This project also included the power law of practice that states practice improves performance.
The involvement of this project required a star to be traced while looking into the mirror with several trail of only the dominate hand. Other participants were asked to perform the trace using different variables of dominate, nondominate hand tracing. The data collected from this involvement will be compared to other variables to map interactions of bilateral transfer to motor skills and practice.
Exercise science principles:
Star tracing involves the principle of individuality which refers to the rate of adaptation each individual has over the attempts of the star trace. Another principle that the star trace project used was the principle of specificity which was set to a specific plan of frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise. Although the principle of reversibility is not directly applied to the testing section of the project, but the data could be used in further research and more complex tests that involve the principality of reversibility.
Knowledge gained: