Branding Strategies Essay

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Branding Strategies
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Branding Strategies Pepsi’s branding strategies have evolved quite a few times through out the last 100 years. Its name has had a few face lifts, beginning with its first name “Brads Drinks” (1893), to “Pepsi Cola (1898) to the more current and most distinctive name “Pepsi” (1961). Pepsi has had quite a few different ways at reaching there demographic, by the famous taste test commercial “The Pepsi Challenge” to show consumers how much better they were against there biggest competitor Coca-Cola. In order to separate themselves for the competitors Pepsi has changed there logo quite a few times, Advertizing Age columnist Natalie Zmuda (May, 2012) would refer to it as an “Identity Crisis”. The article points out the fact that up until recently the Brand has “… moved from one advertising campaign to another to another.” Brad Jakeman, President-global enjoyment and chief creative officer went on the say that “We need to get a lot more disciplined. Because we haven't had an enduring piece of brand language, we just attached different things to the logo all the time.” One thing that has remained for years is the “red, white and blue” themes for the Pepsi brand. Pepsi prides them-selves in being one of America’s most beloved house name soft drink beverages. Although there, logos and taglines have changed many times through the years, there newest logo and marketing phrase “Live for Now” I believe fits the Brand like a glove. Personally, I could always count on Pepsi for there fun summer-time commercials and concerts that they sponsor, lets not forget the legendary Michael Jackson Pepsi commercials. They continue to sponsor…