Breaking My Silence Essay

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Jimmy Roathes
Professor Arlene Williams
GEW 101
10 September 2013
The United States today and since the beginning of politics have always had influential happenings which shape the world how it is today. From past wars and battles to recent economic problems, America today is not getting any better in terms of economic or political success. With new problems occurring everyday either in the United States or in another country, they usually result in even more issues. To overcome problems according to Michelle Alexander people have to get out of their lane. Meaning that they have to express themselves thoroughly and not keep any information that could help change the world for the better to themselves. People of the United States have the freedom of speech and should use it to their advantage to help society prosper. In Michelle Alexander’s article, Breaking My Silence, she refers to Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to the United States as a success that everyone should follow. Not only does she appreciate his leadership about civil rights but about politics as well. Michelle talks about how Dr. King continued to give speeches about our government even after his march about civil rights. Michelle mentions how Dr. King talks about how we continue to fight wars and deal with global issues while we have more important issues to deal with like our personal national problems. She emphasizes how most of the world at the time was telling Martin Luther King Jr. to mind his own business how about the political problems and focus on his civil rights problems. Michelle is inspired by Dr. King to speak her mind about anything she feels would benefit America. After she realized this fact, Michelle says, “I have been staying in my lane. But no more.” This quote is addressing the idea that she will speak her mind about topics out of her comfort zone to benefit other people. Michelle also emotionally encourages readers to do the same as she does by using her emotions to help people