Breaking a Smoking Habit Essay

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How to Break A Smoking Habit. In our society, there are still many of people who are smoking cigarettes. If you smoke, you already know you need to quit. How can you break a smoking habit?
It’s bad for your heart, lungs, brain, and even your sex life, but quitting isn’t easy.
If a your loved one wants to break a smoking habit, what will you tell them?
Quitting smoking can be simple if you’re following these directions. The first step is prepares to quit smoking by setting a date. After that, you should tell your family and friends about the plan to stop smoking, this communication will create a support to guide you in the right direction, because they can talk about methods to quit smoking that fit your smoking pattern.
Further, when you’re quitting smoke, you can have the symptoms of withdrawal, such as irritability, anger, anxiety, restlessness and depression; so you will being need their sympathetic and helping. Next, throw out cigarettes and ashtrays at home and work. Forget it! Notice what situations make you want a cigarette and figure out ways to avoid those situations. Keep telling yourself to get some fresh air but don’t inhale tobacco smoke; Always say this sentence as a mantra to remind you about your decision. Finally, choose a stop smoking aid if it is needed. Some people can quit without the help of devices, while others cannot. If you really need a aid solution, you can use nicotine patches, gum or other