Bsa 375 Sr-Rm-022 Part 1 Essay

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BSA 375 | SR-rm-022 | | | Bruce Gilmore | 11/25/2012 | Myrna Bravo

Riordan Manufacturing is in need of updating their decrepit HRIS system to stay profitable. This system will move from the legacy system, integrated with the financial system, into a new standalone system used to integrate all of the HR tools within the system presently. |

In 1992 Riordan Manufacturing opened its doors to the Human Resources Department. At that time the system, HRIS, was integrated to be cohesive with the financial system. Now, 20 years later, the system has seen better days as it continues to utilize both outdated hardware to run the system and processing methods for the current data associated with the system. Riordan
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There are also procedure manuals, rule books and reports that can be used to gather information as well. Once the analyst have identified proper sources they will then view the current system and determine the system’s problem areas as seen by the people who currently use the system and from that develop the SRS (Systems Requirements Specification) which is a tool that analyst use to specify what information requirements will be provided and also can be used for detailed design of the system. The SRS should be complete, specify operational, tactical, and strategic information requirements, it should eliminate possible arguments between users and analysts and it should use graphical aids easily understood by users who are not computer savvy. ("Information Gathering", n.d).
Techniques to Gather Requirements
Several techniques are available to gather requirements information about the system. These can include interviews, documentation, and sequestered input through surveys or other mediums. Ideally one of the most effective means of gathering this information is through interviews of the people that use the system most often. While dealing with interviews we need to make the most of the time available and as such one of the best means is by utilizing a Joint Application Development session. This will provide the interviewees the ability to freely share ideas of what is wrong with the system, what is right with the system, and what is