Bubonic Plague Research Paper

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The Bubonic Plague was one of the deadliest plagues in history during the medieval times in Europe. This paper is on the Bubonic Plague. This paper will provide information on how it was transferred, how long it lasted, and how many people died from the Bubonic Plague. This paper will also discuss when they found a cure for this deadly disease. The Bubonic Plague is also called Yersinia pestis named after a “famous” physician Alexandre Yersinia. The Bubonic Plague was discovered in medieval Europe in October 1347. A Switzerland physician named Alexandre Yersinia what caused it. Medieval Europeans thought it was caused by the devil. The Bubonic Plague was usually spread by fleas. The infected bugs pick up germs, then they …show more content…
They can be sore and warm, you can cough up blood, you’ll definitely have a high fever, be really sleepy, vomiting, some other symptoms are bleeding, terrible headaches, shortness of breath. This is some of the symptoms of the Bubonic Plague. People can prevent the Plague by not sleeping with any animals because they most likely carry fleas. It’s important not to go around infected people or animals, if you do go around one of the two make sure you wear protective gear, like a surgeon's mask and gown gloves protect every inch of your body make sure you keep your skin covered. They didn’t have treatment in medieval times why so many people have died because of this disease. But now it can be treated by Gentamicin, Ciprofloxacine, Doxycycline. hockey Which are all medicines that can cure the Bubonic Plague? The Bubonic Plague is still around today. It’s really rare there are only 9 cases in the US of 2015, in medieval Europe, 50 million people died. It was really hard for the children to stay alive because their body could handle this terrible disease. When they would go to the “hospital” there was no doctors or nurses, And when people would come it would be the monks they killed them by stabbing them repeatedly and stole their