Building An Ethical Organization Part 1 1 Essay

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Building an Ethical Organization Part 1
Sharita Aggers

The organization I prefer would be a non-profit organization that is focused on the welfare of people that are victims of domestic and substance abuse. The services provided by the organization would be support, counseling, temporary food, housing, emergency medical care, transportation, and self defense. For substance abuse there would be AA meetings and support groups. Social Skills Development, Mentoring/Peer Support, Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse Education and Employment Counseling or training for Clients. The clientele will be people of all race, ethnicity, gender, religion, income, disability, or sexual orientation. This organization will be for families that have zero to little income. The mission statement for this organization as a whole is to help people who are victims of domestic abuse and substance abuse to understand that they are not alone in recovery. The organization will work as a team to help rebuild their personality, emotions, and strength. There will be counseling for those who need help talking about the problems they may have, so they will not backtrack or become a victim again in the future. The organization will promote and support the individuals through financial means to help them be on their own when ready. They will once again be able to start their own lives without the being scared to move on. It will promote emergency housing where they may lay their heads down and provide for their family. A 24-hour phone line will be available to those in need of advice and comfort. The organization will provide medical care to those families that are unable to afford medical attention. For domestic abuse, we like to provide a safe haven in the hope of protecting women, men and children from being abused physical, mentally, verbally and sexually. Funds would be provided to support the staffing of programs that address the needs of women and children subject to violence and oppression. One priority would be to help the families build a strong sense of confidence to become stronger.

The mission of Alternatives to Family Violence is to provide hope to those subjected to domestic violence while promoting nonviolence as a social value. For substance abuse users we would like to help them get off the drugs and alcohol that is consuming and controlling their lives. We would work to educate the individuals about what they are using and drinking and to discover what underlying issue is causing them to want to use or drink. Individuals would be treated through full recovery and detox. Our staff will be dedicated to help with every need necessary for our patient to make a successful recovery. Family counseling will be provided as well as individual therapy. When done with the program there would be outpatient services in order to introduce our clients to individual and group counseling, 12 step/relapse prevention skills, peer support, daily reflection, parenting classes, health education, drug and alcohol assessments.

What I want this organization to portray to the community is that there is a place which cares for you even if you do not. For victims of domestic abuse, the organization would be devoted to eliminate any form of domestic violence abuse. The organization would protect and empower battered women and children through vigilance and sponsorship of national public policy initiatives and federal legislation such as the Violence against Women Act. We would have classes available to the general public to inform them on the facts of domestic violence and educate the public on how to recognize domestic violence and what to do about it. I would use the values of the organization to help others recognized the serious effects of these diseases they have. I would like to show how substance abuse leads up to domestic abuse. I believe in help such people with these types of issues because no one deserves to be