Characteristics of Leader Effectiveness Essay examples

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Characteristics of Leader Effectiveness An effective leader is someone who is passionate about their goals and knows how to motivate, inspire, and influence others to come together and work as one to reach a common goal and conduct compelling and important changes. The realization of some kind of qualitative or quantitative result because of the actions and influences of an organizations leader is essentially how to evaluate their effectiveness. The characteristics of effectiveness, of course, depend on the goals of the leader and the organization. The fundamental characteristics of what makes an effective leader are mostly universal, however, the characteristics of leader effectiveness from one organization to another may have unique …show more content…
Mentorship and the ability to influence are also key leadership characteristics of effectiveness. A minister is a unique leadership role that, at first thought, would not be evaluated like the aforementioned leadership roles. However, after careful consideration, a minister can be evaluated on a results driven basis like an assistant coach or teacher. The results, in a minister’s scenario, would be the number of people that attend his services and ability to increase those numbers periodically because ultimately, the church needs as many people as possible to follow the minister so it can continue to grow and provide those services. On a deeper level, a minister is evaluated by his commitments, by his focus and by his engagement with the society (GVA, 2013).
Discuss the ethical issues or challenges associated with prioritization According to Warrick (2016), “Ethics are the values and principles that govern a person’s or group’s actions and that are considered good or bad, right or wrong” (chapter 8.3, para1).
Prioritizing is a priority for effective leadership. Leaders must be able to establish what, when, and how the actions of achieving goals must be done, and in what order. At times, there can be challenges or ethical issues associated with prioritization. An assistant coach may have a situation where a player has gotten in trouble and broke the rules established by the coaches. This kid also happens to be