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Building regulations are regulations provided by the government for all building. These regulations cover all aspects of a building. The reasons why there are building regulations is to provide us health and safety in and around the building,

They include:

1. Structure
2. Fire safety
3. Sound insulation
4. Drainage
5. Ventilation
6 Electrical safety: Electrical safety was added in January 2005 to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and fires caused by faulty electrical installations.

Energy efficiency in buildings. The changes to the regulations on energy conservation will save a million tonnes of carbon per year and help combat climate change. * The need for all people including those with disabilities. The set standards for buildings to be accessible and hazard-free wherever possible.

Building safety regulations and electrical safety guidelines are not just there to comply with building safety, as the country becomes increasingly obsessed with being environmentally friendly, building regulations can be put in place to make sure that you are building a property that is as kind to the environment as possible.

The Building Regulations are basic performance standards that are accompanied by guidance set out in what are called ‘Approved Documents’. Compliance with the detailed guidance of the Approved Documents is usually considered as evidence that the Regulations themselves have been complied with.
The Approved Documents are in 14 parts in