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There are many different aspects to consider when composing a full risk management plan with different legislative features that are required to be considered and enforced if necessary. The plan should include; a full risk assessment and risk register, to ensure that all health and safety aspects are reflected for the wellbeing of the visitors and exhibitors.
A scale layout/plan showing where all the stands will be erected, with a number for each stand and a key with names of exhibitors against the corresponding number, with entry and exit points, this should be available to all involved.
The group should speak to the University Authorities regarding the size of the venue and its holding capacity for fire regulations. Fire procedures are vital and the group as a whole, must be fully conversant in all aspects of prevention, detection and evacuation, for instance, establishing with the group to be vigilant for any fire hazards at all times, being aware of how the fire alarm system operates, for example, in the event of a fire, does the alarm run through a monitoring station that automatically deploys the fire brigade if the alarm goes off? Is it a siren or a bell, does it have strobe lights, will emergency lighting illuminate in the event of a fire? Are all exits signed clearly, are there fire extinguishers in appropriate areas? Is there an assembly point? All these features are imperative for fire procedures and the group must all be fully aware, however, the group member that will be accountable for the checking in and out of staff and exhibitors will be responsible for ensuring the signing in book is completed correctly thus enabling a smooth evacuation should the need arise.
Enquiries must be made beforehand to the University to check adequate insurance is in place, if not relevant insurance should be acquired covering the building, contents, staff and visitors. A copy of the current insurance certificate should be available if called upon at any time (HSE, )
Is there a requirement for the Police and Fire Service to be informed of the date of the event? If this is the case, an emergency route should be in place for the Police, Fire and Ambulance, should the need arise.
The Local Authority will have to be contacted regarding any licenses and other requirements they may want to put in place. Minimum space between stands and minimum width of aisles should be checked.
Smoking is now forbidden