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Compare and Contrast Essay In the articles, “Traditional Forms of Bullying Remain a More Prevalent and Serious Problem” by Susan M. Swearer, and the article “Children Have the Right to Be Protected from Bullying” by Ceil Than, both authors argue about many different ways there are to prevent bullying from happening to children.
Swearer mentions that most of the bullying happens online through MySpace, Facebook, Text messaging and other Social Medias that would involve the use of internet. The author states that programs which are emphasizing reporting on and punishing bullies, however, have been proven to be effective through use of strategies against fighting bullying. From school yards to workplaces and now to cyberspace as well, it seems that bullies are everywhere. Researchers have found that bullies who are bullied have higher rates of depression, anxiety, anger and low self-esteem than kids who are only bullies, non-victims or who are not involved in bullying at all. Kids are often bullied at home so, therefore they learn the bad behaviors and use it on others, “Domestic Violence and bullying feed each other” (Swearer 2). Researchers have found, that elementary school bullies have witnessed bullying in their previous years; therefore if their parents bullied their kids then the children are to be bullies themselves. Bullying has a negative effect on the society and it is also a repetitive behavior that happens throughout schools and public places. According to the Journal of Management Studies, nearly 50 percent of American workers have experienced or witnessed bullying in their workplace. As the author mentions, bullying may be a cause of leading causes to death situations, “Individuals who are bullied are at increased risk for self-harm, it’s too simplistic to blame the deaths of victims solely on bullying” (Swearer 2). Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds. Bullying can be a trigger for suicide, because many bullies have gone through the depression of losing a loved one so they try to seek revenge and take their anger out on others. The article “Children Have the Right to Be Protected from Bullying”, the author states that, a child who deliberately and consistently uses physical assault or verbal abuse to inflict fear or harm is a bully. The behavior of bullying may come during the age of 8 years old, and can be found in boys and girls anywhere at any time. The author mentions that, kids who don't come to school sometimes might be depressed or hurt because, “Children who are bullied have a higher absentee rate because the bullying makes them feel physically sick” (Than 1). Children who can't come to school are ashamed that they will get picked on for example; other people might think that either they're fat or ugly. According to a survey done by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 50% of school age children report being bullied at some point during their school years, and 10% report being bullied continually. Children who are bullied get singled out because they are seen different, so they are usually the victims. There are ways that you can tell if a child is bullied or hurt a lot, you would want to look for signs of depression, anxiety, nausea, nightmares, and the fear of going to school. There are ways to help your children if they are going through a very bad bullying situation. To help a children feel better you would want to teach them how