Cell Phone Bullying Essay

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Cellphone’s Negative Impact on Modern Day Society

“ By 2019, more than 9.3 billion cellphones will be used [around] the world …”

(“Cellphones”). In the modernization of technology, the increase of cell phones has started to negatively impact the present­day society. Cell phones have done this through cyberbullying, isolation and texting and driving.
Due to the excessive usage of social media on one’s cell phone, cyberbullying has increased and negatively impacted many teens. “More than a quarter of [teenagers have] been harassed via cellphones in [many different] ways” (“Forms of”). “Cell phone bullying has
[made] new concerns about harassment because it makes it very [hard] for the victim to [avoid] the cyberbully” (“Forms of”). Studies show that more and more teens have been using cell phones to bully other teenagers (“Forms of”).
The up­rise of cell phones has lessened the need for social interaction with others which is increasing isolation. In recent years, Americans have grown into more socially secluded people (“Technology”). “... [New] technology [,] such as the Internet and [cell phones] which
[lessen] the need for [face to face] visits with others [has] helped [increase] isolation”
(“Technology”). “Humans are social animals [that require] regular interaction with [different types of people] to experience the full benefits of socialization and lead a [stable] life”
The increase of cell phones has made more and more people start to text and drive which is not safe and causes many accidents. “... [Phone] conversations in [an automobile] are a


distraction and [is] a significant cause of traffic accidents” (Healy). More and more people each day have ended up in a hospital due to either being the driver or being hit by the distracted driver. “There are limits to how much [one] can multitask, and [the]