Bullying essay

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Bullying is an attack method that could be physical or verbal, which can be repeated over many years. Most of the time, adults think that teens may be an aggressive exchange based on their violent behavior between two victims involved. Although researchers have said bullying has been active for more than three decades, it has always said that the nature of bullying has had an increase in children & teens significantly in most recent years.
Some researchers have studies 15,000 students through the grades 6-10 & have found that more than seventeen percent of children have been bullied, during the school year & nineteen percent have been bullied others. Researchers have found that teenage boys are more likely to bully girls through out the year. However there wasn’t a gender difference between boys and girls. Studies have said that the most common form of bullying was verbal between boys and girls. However. It has been said that boys are more likely to experience physical bullying through their peers through rumor spreading or sexual comments or gestures.
Throughout the years there have been multiple causes of bullying. In most cases, the lack of care towards kids from their family members could actually be a cause into doing something harmful to others. Due to the lack of respect around most schools, it’s usually because of unaccepting attitudes. Even in society is a definite cause in bullying. Due to the popularity of social media, it’s often seen over the Internet about…