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Explore the character of ‘Crooks’ using the description of his bunk
Steinbeck uses the description of a bunk house to show the character of ‘crooks’ the crippled ‘negro’ stable buck. ‘crooks’ is segregated from the other men due to the colour of his skin, Steinbeck make it very clear to the reader that he is on his own and away from everyone else ‘...Had his bunk in the harness room’. His uses of adjectives could imply to the reader that crooks’ appearance or mentality is being described for example ‘’a little shed that leaned of the wall of the barn’ this description could mean a variety of things; the word ‘leaned’ could suggest crook is just something of an afterthought or annoying addition, it could also mean instability, insecurity which could be used as a metaphor for his state of mind. Another interpretation could be where his bunk ‘leaned of the wall of the barn’ shows that the animals almost have better accommodation than him. Steinbeck might’ve done this to show crooks, as a black man, has such a low hierarchy in society. Crooks’ buck is described as a ‘long, straw filled box where blankets were flung’ which gives the imagery that his bunk is not actually a bunk and he is treated like an animal. The word ‘flung’ could demonstrate that he has been so bullied and victimised that he has a low aptitude. Crooks is described to live where he works as there is a lack of distinction from the two places which could show that crooks is actually defined by his work and not by his character which reinforces the idea that the others refer to him as ‘stable buck’ and not his actual name. Steinbeck uses sensory imagery to present the atmosphere as an unpleasant one and to show how badly treated crooks really is. Steinbeck also uses insubordinate clauses ‘for being alone’ to remind the reader how lonely he is. Inside his bunk, crooks is described to have a few belongings, one of which is a ‘mauled copy of the California civil code for 1905’ the word ‘mauled’ could show that crooks has attacked the book in anger, which shows how badly negroes were treated in this era, however his ‘gold rimmed spectacles’ could be associated with wisdom and intelligence which is further linked to his