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Hunter Jordan
Dave Rogers

The Truman Show

In the movie “The Truman Show”, director Peter Weir, uses many symbols to convey ideas throughout the film. By the use an unfinished bridge, a figurehead of an eagle, and baptism, Weir plants ideas in the movie that provides the the audience more than what the viewers may actually see. In The Truman Show, symbols surround the life of Truman Burbank.
Throughout the movie, there are many scenes where Marlon and Truman talk on an unfinished bridge. During these conversations, the two men discuss things going on in Truman's life. Every time they meet on the bridge, Truman brings up how he is unsure about something. I believe that the unfinished bridge symbolizes, indecision and uncertainty. Truman brings up the the idea that there has to be something else out there, but his lack of being able to know the truth in that moment reinforces the symbolism of an unfinished bridge because he could not tell for sure.
Towards the end of the movie, the audience sees Truman sailing a ship in open water. While trying to escape, Truman steers a sailboat to out into the ocean in search of discovery. The figurehead of the sailboat is an eagle's head attached to the front of the boat. This eagle is very symbolic. Eagles symbolize courage, and freedom. This is what Truman is expressing at this point in the movie. By setting sail across the water, he faces his fear of water and shows that he is on his way to discover freedom.

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