Burger Machine Case Study Essay

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Strategic Marketing Management
Burger Machine


Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Situational Analysis 3. Market Strategy 4. Financials 5. Controls

1.0 Executive Summary Burger Machine is a local burger stall business that has been present in the Filipino market since 1980. They were the first to establish a 24/7 business idea and was named the “the burger that never sleeps”. Burger Machine currently ranks 4th in the Philippine Market with the most number of stalls with 804 stalls. Aside from their wide reach in the Philippine market, they are also known for the taste and quality of their food. Which the Filipinos look for – an opportunity for
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With all the foot traffic that the company can attract in one day, the quality of service that the stall can provide to its customers usually takes a hit, due to the lack of personnel.

High Demand for Western food in the Philippines:
Filipinos nowadays have adapted a westernized kind of mentality when it comes to eating food. The rise of burgers and other western types of food in the Philippine market are now starting to translate in a higher demand for burgers in the country.

Emergence of Jolly Jeep:
Jolly Jeeps are ‘mobile’ stalls that are seen mostly around call center agencies and other offices. They basically offer wide variants of food, from rice meals to finger foods. This poses a threat to the company because of the fact that it can serve as an alternative for people with low budgets, who like to have a wide selection of food to choose from.

Wide Expansion of Minute Burger:
Minute Burger, one of Burger Machine’s biggest competitors now operates in major cities and provinces in the country. Burger Machine prides itself in being the 4th overall in total number of stalls in the Philippine Market today. If competitors such as Minute Burger continue to expand to other regions in the Philippines, it can pose as a threat to Burger machine as well.

Minute Burger:
Minute Burger has been the Burger Machine’s greatest rival ever since the 90’s. The company operates in major cities and