Finding A Mobile Phone-Giving Advice In Person

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Finding a Mobile Phone - Giving Advice in Person
You are going to be working in a pair. Both will complete the role of a mobile phone sales representative and a customer. You will require preparation for both roles.
Customer – you will need to decide what type of mobile phone you are looking to purchase and the features this phone should have.
Sales Representative – you are going to familiarise yourself with a mobile phone website. From this website you should be able to navigate the customer to the phone perfect for them.
Your Name:
Your Partners Name:
As a Customer
Write down in the box provided what you are going to be looking for in a mobile phone.
Unlimited texts
50-100MB of data
Around 1000 minutes

Camera/video camera

Anything you don’t want:
A phone that isn’t touch screen

As a Sales Representative
Write down, in the box provided, the steps (questions to ask) you will have to go through to find the best phone for your partner. This is where you should look to familiarise yourself with a company’s website.
600 minutes
Unlimited texts
100MB of data
For 24 months
Can have an early upgrade in 3 months

Touch screen

Specific Brand:

Complete the task
As best you can write down a transcript of what was said between you and your partner, whilst you were the Sales Representative.
Customer Service Representative: Hi, my names Georgia, how can I help you?

Customer: Hi, um, I’m here looking for a new mobile phone. Would you be able to help me find the right one?

Customer Service Representative: Of course! What are you looking for? A smartphone?

Customer: Yes.

Customer Service Representative: Okay, great. We have a huge range, but our three most popular are the iPhone, the blackberry and the HTC, would you like to take a look at them?

Customer: I’ve been very interested in the iPhone, I’ve heard good things about it. What does it offer?

Customer Service Representative: Yes, the iPhone is very popular, mainly for its great selection of apps. It also contains a great camera, along with a long-lasting battery life, music, email, internet etc.

Customer: Oh, that sounds great, just what I’m looking for actually.

Customer Service Representative: Awesome! Is there a particular network and tariff you would like?

Customer: Well, I definitely want to be with O2 and I would require my tariff to contain a great deal of minutes and texts.

Customer Service Representative: Okay, would you like a pay monthly contract or a pay as you go contract?

Customer: I’ve always paid monthly, so I think I’ll stick with that.

Customer Service Representative: Right, well, the most popular O2, pay monthly tariff with a new phone is one that contains 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of data costing £34.00 a month for 24 months, is that anything that interests you?

Customer: That’s exactly what I’m looking for, but is there one that contains more minutes?

Customer Service Representative: Yes, there is one exactly the same but with 900 minutes but for £39.00. Is that any better?

Customer: That’s perfect!

Customer Service Representative: Okay great, we offer the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4s and the brand new iPhone 5, which one would you prefer?

Customer: The iPhone 5 please.

Customer Service Representative: Right, well you’re in luck as we’ve just got a whole new stock in. If you give me a couple of minutes just to run