Business Analysis Essay

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Business Analysis Part 1
Marc Kouadio
University of Phoenix
May 30, 2012
Dr. Nicholas Sherwin

Business Analysis Part 1

To explain the role of the mutual fund manager, you must first understand the purpose of a mutual fund. The mutual fund is defined as an ensemble of portfolio where different investors put their money to reduce the risk. A mutual fund manager is a professional expert and adviser responsible of investing the investors’ money. The mutual fund manager has different roles and responsibilities. The most critical responsibility is to select wisely some companies that fit its investors risk tolerance. Then, the mutual fund manager has to create a balanced portfolio composed of large, medium-size, and, small companies. The portfolio must include some domestic and international companies to offset any losses. The mutual manager has to start a selection process by analyzing the companies in its portfolio. The company selected is BANK OF AMERICA that fits the criteria of the large company.
Bank Of America Corporation was founded in 1874 and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company, through its subsidiaries, provides various banking, lending, and financial products and, services. The products and services are offered to individual customers, investment companies, small and middle businesses, big corporations, the US government, and foreign countries. The success of Bank of America is based on the vital