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Meeting Consumer Needs: McDonald’s meet consumers’ needs by their 5P’s. First P is people, where they provide friendly, accurate, and fast service that delights their customers and have the responsibility to maintain an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and accepted. Second P is product. McDonald’s serve food and beverages people prefer to enjoy regularly. They have the responsibility to give their customers quality product choices and to partner with suppliers that operate ethically and meet their high standards of social responsibility. Third P is place. They make sure that their restaurants are clean, relevant, and inviting to the customers of today and tomorrow. They make sure to manage their business in an environmentally friendly way and seek ways to make difference in the community. Fourth P is Price. They have the responsibility to maintain their values and high standards as they provide food that is affordable to a wide range of customers. Lastly, their 5th P is promotion. They have the responsibility to maintain and build trust with all of their stakeholders by ensuring that their marketing and communication efforts are truthful and appropriate.

Job Creation: McDonald’s offers their workers flexible schedules, benefits, and jobs that can turn into satisfying careers. McDonald’s Canada is one of the country’s largest employers and trainers with over 88,000 employees at more than 1,400 restaurants from coast to coast. McDonald’s Canada was also recognized recently as a top 5 employers in Aon Hewitt’s study of Canada’s Best employers of 2011 and the only quick-service restaurant in the country to earn the honor.

Attracting Investments: McDonald’s attract investors because firstly, it is global. Second reason, it sells stuff people need. Fast, cheap comfort foo, like what McDonald’s sells, will never go out of style. McDonald’s is also exposed to emerging markets so more countries are starting to demand for Western style goods.

Developing New Technology: McDonald’s is planning to install touchscreen technology and swipe cards to update how customers order food and improve its use of customer data. McDonald’s is looking to replace cashiers with digital screens and swipe cards to make the experience more convenient and reduce transaction time. They were also thinking about having waiters who will use hand held terminals to take additional orders for seated customers.

Takes Away from a Nations Identity: American McDonalds offers more burgers, sandwiches, etc. on their menu. But what they have on their menu that the Canadian McDonalds don’t is their fishmeal. American McDonalds offer fish such as fish McBites that Canadian McDonalds don’t carry. In parts of Canada, including Quebec and Northern Brunswick, French fries may be substituted with McDonalds version of Poutine and other countries don’t do this.
Social Welfare Issues: Other huge and famous companies hire people in other countries do work for them. These people are usually underage and are getting paid less what their supposed to have. Since it’s way cheaper than hire people legally, lots of companies prefer on doing this. Even if it will save them money, McDonalds prefer not to do this. They hire people that are legal to work. They offer part-time and full-time jobs to people, including students. They pay them at the required wage and allow them to have flexible schedule since McDonalds understand the balance between work and other activities.

Environmental Issues: McDonald’s contribute tons of garbage in the environments. There are reports saying that McDonalds have at least been forced to admit to using beef reared on ex-rainforest land, preventing its regeneration. Also, the use of farmland by multinationals and their suppliers are forcing local people to move on to other areas and cut down further trees. Since McDonalds are the world’s largest user of beef, methane emitted by cattle reared for the beef