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Electronic Frontiers

The Climate Group
Having celebrate their 10th Anniversary in 2004, ‘The Climate Group’ are powerful global network with a prosperous goal for a low carbon future.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a donor-funded US 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1990. The members devote themselves to safeguard of civil liberties such as privacy, free expression, and innovation.

They favour practical solutions that can be adopted worldwide, with a mission to inspire the world to reduce carbon emissions whilst simultaneously driving economic development and building a culture against climate change.

‘CG’ FOR launch of chip:

Potential Response:

Obtaining Power, Legitimacy & Urgency.
They would be considered a Definitive
Shareholder and support would be immediate, through this support/alignment could mean the Halochip receives some extra product ratification, because they are partnered with an environmentally conscious group, so it would show the product is environmentally friendly.

It provides lawsuits, policy analysis and technology development for its users. EFF thinks that developing technology is crucial to freedom and has the courage to attempt new things.

‘EFF’ FOR launch of chip:

‘CG’ Against launch of chip:

Goal Alignment – Climate Group and
HaloCorp have the same goals regarding climate change, it could help to cerb the level of deforestation decreasing CO2.

Target Group – Climate Group stress the importance of world leaders in achieving goals, where as HaloCorp are targeting citizens in general.

Potential Response:
 In this case, Power & Legitimacy would be present, but they would no longer view a relationship with HaloCorp as Critical due the differing approach and so they would have no urgency, therefore becoming a
Dominant Stakeholder.

Salience: High

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

‘EFF’ Against launch of chip:

New Innovative Technology - ‘EFF’ is found of new technology. The Halo chip has bright future and potential of multifunctional system carrier.

Potential Response:

Salience: Moderate

Obtaining Legitimacy and a little Power to introducing the technology, but it wont draw attention to the programme all the time. In this instance EFF are a
Dominant Stakeholder.

Privacy – ‘EFF’ concerned HaloChip may become 2nd PRISM Programme and is government funded, which will deepen
EFF’s anxiety.
Personal Freedom - If HaloChip has potential to change behaviour, can affect personal individuals choices.

Potential Response:
 If EFF were against the chip, they obtain
Urgency, Legitmacy and Power and becomes a Definitive Stakeholder. They would be considered ‘Dangerous’ and
(Mitchell et al 1997:877)

Salience: Moderate

Salience: High

PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with over 3 million members/supporters that aim to establish and protect all animals. They are concerned with negative impacts we put on animals and opposing the use of animals in any form. They believe that animals are just like humans and have the right to choose how to live while not suffering from the pain just like we don't want to suffer. Its slogan is “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment, use for entertainment or abuse in anyway”

‘PETA’ FOR launch of chip:

Vegetarianism - HaloChip has potential to alter the behaviour of humans, so they could be encouraged to consume a vegetarian diet, thus reducing animals kill and habitat used. Animal Wellbeing – can be programmed by the user to encourage greater/prolonged empathy with animals so that we are more able to act in ways that do not cause harm.

Potential Response:
 PETA might promote Halo Chip since Halo
Chip is increasing the public awareness on animals and reducing the consumption of meat. PETA has a strong social media presence, which can be used to HaloCorp benefit. ‘PETA’ Against launch of chip:
 Animal Testing – The majority or

scientific/pharmaceutical products are