Essay on Business Models And Systems

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Business models and systems
Nickolai Shaner
February 8, 2014
Dennis Noll

Business models and systems
Santa Fe Day Spa was established in 1999 by two individuals that believed they could revolutionize the Birmingham, Alabama spa industry and corner a market that was untapped. The company began organizing their business by creating a service menu that would surpass common salons. The company began examining ways to maximize the profitability of their idea. It was decided that the spa would develop their own line of products that could be retailed after services. They also decided they would carry only the highest quality lines.
They moved forward in their business plans and began the hiring process of licensed and skilled technicians that would provide services being offered. Being able to offer specialized and unique services and packages would allow them to become more noticed. The bonus to this thought process is it would increase profits and profitability. Each specialized area would offer services that were unmatched in the salon industry. They chose highly trained technicians in each technical area. Technicians would be required to participate in continuing education to carry on the trend of being cutting edge.
Once everything was accomplished from the building of the business plan to the hiring of the staff they were able to open their doors to the public. The day spa became widely talked about and is still a very popular establishment. Even today after