Essay about Kerr deliveries

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Kerr Deliveries

BSBRES401A— Analyse and present research information

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Md. Faruk Hossain

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Executive summary

In this case study “Kerr Deliveries” is a service oriented organization. They are doing courier service. The purpose of this case study is to solve the problem as an IT expert. Without information technology it is really difficult to develop the business. This modern era is about globalization. Company should adopt different system for their business to stay safe in the right track. Robert Kerr is a successful delivery company based on NSW since 1995. I am working as his assistant. In this report i will recommend which computer to buy for the
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It can also help to established appropriate criteria for decision making on IS investment. It can integrated with IS plan with business strategy. (Question 8)

Competitive advantages and strategic Information system:
In the time of modern technology, business organization needed useful system for existing in global business. They should implement different types of information system for their business. In this article they provide us different information system which can really help to achieve competitive advantages. Those systems are as follows:
Decision support systems (DSS): that helps to build strategic approach to manage Information system/ information technology with an organizational business planning.
Primarily Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): which can integrate between enterprise objectives and enterprise resources.
Data base system: is “data mining” which can help to gather the information for marketing, production, promotion and the innovation for the business organization.
Real time Information systems: that intended to maintain a rapid response and the quality indicators. (Question 5)

Information System Strategy; Re conceptualization, Measurement and Implications:
According to Davis (2000) the information systems of an organization consist of the information technology infrastructure, data, application systems, and personnel that employ IT to deliver information