How Can IT Be Used As A Key Driver Of Business Value?

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MBA 615 final exam 1. How can IT be used as a key driver of business value?
The fascination with IT-enabled business innovation comes at a time of significant uncertainty and change as entrenched players and new entrants struggle to define a sustainable proprietary position for success in the turbulent twenty-first century. While most agree that Internet-based technologies have progressed at lightning speed since they were introduced to the business world in the early to mid-1990s, developing common standards and robust commercial technologies usually takes time. The challenge of integrating new technologies into the "legacy" of computers, networks, and systems already in place within companies adds to the problem. To achieve the
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As of 2004, Canyon Ranch was unquestionably the industry leader when it came to the luxury portion of the spa industry.
Lack of potential entrants in a niche market, scale economic practices (development of cosmetic line), and a strong US economy are just a few of the reasons why The Company has continued to thrive despite engaging in archaic, inefficient IS strategy.
New competitors, economic downturns, and the emergence of substitutes are now a very real threat to The Company’s current position. Should The Company wish to remain the industry leader in their respective market, they must begin to utilize IT as a competitive force. In order to do this, The Company must undertake the following initiatives: 1. Upgrade existing IT architecture and infrastructure to a company-wide modular system. 2. Adopt and interface a hospitality oriented CRM system. 3. Use the information gathered from the CRM to initiate a targeted marketing campaign.
The existing IT architecture and infrastructure is decentralized and inefficient. In fact, The Company is still using paper as means of transporting data from department to department. In addition to centralizing IT systems, The Company should add new modules to their existing system (POS, MIS, DDS, Reservation Interface, etc.) and upgrade