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University for Green

BUS 353 Business Plan

Mengbo Xie

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 University Market Description
3.0 Situation Analysis 3.1 The concept 3.2 Business Goal
4.0 Customer Analysis 4.1 Number 4.2 Customer Type 4.3 Value Drivers
5.0 Competitor Analysis 5.1 Market Position 5.2 Strengths 5.3 Weaknesses
6.0 SWOT Analysis 6.1 Strengths 6.2 Weaknesses 6.3 Opportunities 6.4 Threats
7.0 Marketing Strategy 7.1 Product 7.2 Price 7.3 Distribution 7.4 Promotion
8.0 Summary

1.0 Executive Summary

This marketing plan contributes a remarkable college commercial community that provides opportunities for 18 Million college students to invest and operate their own small business on campus; and most valuable goal of this Greenmarket is contributing more “Green” to our environment. Greenmarket stimulates every individual’s treading activities, which is a marketing strategy will enable to subvert the traditional market structure in a university system. The Greenmarket is an e-market base on the Internet but has fast trading and immediately objects exchanging on campus. Success will reflected by switching all the profits that made from students back to students instead of university receive all those profits, and all the traditional markets will be replaced by Greenmarket such as bookstore, convenience store, and even the dining centers. Greenmarket provides three trade categories: invest, exchange, and sell; the major advantage is all the students needs in their college life will able to trade on iMarket base on those three trading activities.

2.0 University Market Description

Using Stony Brook University as an example, there are 24,103 students in this university and there are numerous trading activities happens everyday, especially at the beginning and the ending of every semester. Books selling and buying, equipments of resident students selling and buying, and stationery selling and buying, and all the profits from these trading will be received by the university or other markets around the university. Student who is living in this community will never have an opportunity to make profits or save money unless they use eBay or and other online shop. However, online shopping usually takes long period of time to process and there is no way that customer is able to see the actual product until they receive it. According to these weaknesses, Greenmarket will be positioned as the first students’ self-trading e-market in a small community (Campus), which provides fast trading and immediately objects exchanging. 1. Invest used or new items Every student can use their SB online ID create an account on Greenmarket website and starts to invest any used or new items that have been posted on the Greenmarket. All the products that are posted on Greenmarket could either by university suppliers or students. Textbooks are the only items that can be invested (explain in Concept and Business Goal). 2. Exchange used or new items Every item on Greenmarket has a exchange option, in other words; every Greenmarket user will able to exchange their items here, for example, An Accounting book exchanges for a laptop speaker, if these two user have an agreement that considers those two items have same value. Therefore, a dramatic trading result may be created: user A exchanges the Accounting book to a laptop speaker, then exchanges this laptop speaker to a used camera, then exchanges the camera to a iphone4, then exchanges the iphone4 to a pair of limited edition sneakers (not for wear), then exchanges the sneakers to… All the electronic products only can be exchanged (explain in Concept and Strengths). 3. Sell used or new items The last trading is the most common one that gives every Greenmarket user a commercial community to sell anything they invested. Textbooks