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Current Research Business Research Project Paper University of Phoenix
Jeanette Carey
November 10, 2011
Kenneth Le Cour, M.B.A & M.S.Q.A.

Current Research Business Research Project Paper

The health care service is the business, such as hospitals, doctor offices, and urgent care clinics across the board safety issues for the human factors. “Research that addresses human factors issues in health care has made good progress since the landmark 1999 Institute of Medicine report on medical error (Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson, 1999), however patient safety is a persistent and challenging issue for the health care system. Whereas, these issues reflects different factors the focus of the research is sufficient and comprehensive to recognize the threats of patients safety, but specify and explain how health care provider and patients’ interacts with task of medical resources.
The advance in human performance research relating in health care in preventing medical errors the problems increasing in the future because of several reason; aging society more elderly patients with chronic illness needing complex care whether in patient or outpatient source; People with diverse health care needs entering the system, The Patient Protection, and Affordable Care Act (2010); Increasing health information, technology, reduce cost, and safety increasing may increase complexity of delivering services ways not consistent with doctors and patients goals.
The research consists of evidence-based and guide adoption existing practices in which carries these characteristics: problem-driven, theory-guided, experimental control, and representativeness. Problem-driven addresses the critical issues of patient safety and effectiveness of health care about a broad spectrum, for example, wrong surgery mistakes. Theory-guided, recognize critical faucets of a problem and how they relate to characteristic of the environment. Experimental control, indentify problems, evaluate theory